Home Center Stores

Home Centre Stores is a home furnishing retail store in the Middle East and India with over 85 stores in countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Qatar and Oman. Being in the business of making homes beautiful the stores themselves need to look elegant as well, including the ceilings.

Home Centre Stores wanted a new powered-grid solution that could support their merchandising and operational needs. The design needed to be flexible combining mechanical and electrical features that would be compliant with regional norms, all as soon as possible.

First, we studied their environment to understand their model, their needs and the way they wanted to use the overhead grid. By doing so, we were able to make a rather complex problem easy and developed a simple solution.

We then proposed several design options. Once the design was chosen, we bundled all elements and components, achieved regional compliance and tested before shipping. All of this was done within 3 months.

The result? We provided a solution that achieved their aestethic and operational needs and delivered it on-time. The new overhead-powergrid solution offers a complete system maximizing efficiency, safety and speed. We even saved 4 weeks during the whole production cycle.

Now that’s ingenuity applied.