The way we work

Since 1937 we have helped retail and other institutional clients create service environments designed to fit their needs. We continuously read our customers and keep coming up with smart solutions. Whether it was our first bumper, our power track or our modular power system for self check out cash points.


Our philosophy is simple: we work smart from the heart.

We collaborate with every single client by carefully listening to their needs, speaking their language, asking the right questions and gaining insight from their perspective. 

We have a restless energy, coming up with ideas and always seeking new challenges and possibilities. This way we cut to the core of our clients' needs.

And then: 

We build exactly that - your need - made possible by our own metal and plastic manufacturing facilities, which allow us to maintain strict quality controls, adhere to all international standards and deliver a superior product.

In Medford, Massachusetts metal, wire and electrical components are designed and manufactured. With an automated production line, a fully staffed tool and die department, and UL-rated electrical assembly, we produce the highest quality products.

Coupled with an extensive array of color and powder coating capabilities and you’ll understand why we’re able to meet virtually any custom design challenge.

In Youngstown, Ohio we offer 9 fully automated plastic extruders, 2 injection molding machines, plus in-house tool and die design and development. Whether you’re looking for S-shapes, U-shapes or waves, our experienced team can make your idea a reality.

In addition, we offer extensive co-extrusion and dual extrusion capabilities. Colors match beautifully because we use only the highest quality resins and polymers. Once your color is calibrated in our system, you can expect consistent, vibrant color matching every time.

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, both our European headquarters and our distribution centre are located. Along with sales offices in France, Germany and several distributors over Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Africa, we make sure our service is always nearby.

And of course:

We offer global coverage 24/7 and work compliant to all international safety, mechanical, electrical and environmental standards. 

Now that’s ingenuity applied.