It all started in the US during the Great Depression in a neighborhood full of immigrants from all over the world where they began a new life and formed new friendships.


Just like our founder Irv Rubin, who became part of a group of close friends, calling themselves the triple-three. They grew up together and helped each other out whenever they could.

In 1937, one of Irv’s friends had a local store and needed a better method to handle, prepare and present food and non-food items.

So Irv, with the input from his friend, designed, developed and manufactured special fixtures out of metal that met the needs of his friends shop: Boston Metal Products was born.

Soon after, Irv founded our first factory in East Boston in 1937, just as the self-service supermarkets were introduced. We stood at the very beginning of this retail revolution. In the 1960s Irv’s son Richard joined Boston Metal Products and grew the company nationally with innovative solutions. 

One day, when Richard was unloading an order of fixtures, the retailer cautioned him to avoid hitting the walls and expensive refrigeration equipment in the store. Richard then had an idea: asset protection. The Boston Bumper was created. He was the first in the world to come up with this simple yet smart solution.

This type of innovative spirit still drives us today. We love to listen to our customers and come up with smart solutions. 

With our in-house design and state of the art production facilities we can prototype and produce just what you need down to the last detail, whether it’s in power, protection or fixtures.

Over the last 80 years we have grown from a regional manufacturer to an international group providing smart solutions to the global retail industry and beyond. All the while our entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive us towards new domains.

Irv and Richard applied ingenuity back then.

Just like we do today.